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RE: Art, PE, Drama, and Dance???

From: Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 12:47:53 PDT

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    Check around your community. Is there a folk dance group? Maybe they could
    come out and teach one week, and you integrate that culture in other areas
    of the curriculum. Do you have a university may the players of different
    sports could come during their off seasons and hold mini clinics? Don't
    forget the intramural and club teams? In one school I subbed in they had a
    teacher from Australia who taught the 3rd graders on up rugby one week. 3
    years later the kids were still talking about the game and that always led
    to other information they and learned during his stay at the school. It was
    amazing how much they had learned during their study of Australia during his
    1 year stay. Hey our local hockey team, the outlaws (yes a hockey team in
    West Texas), baseball team the Colts (Texas-Louisiana League) compete with
    each other to get on local campuses to teach the kids.

    A teacher I know was put in charge of sports one summer for at a camp, when
    she was a camp counselor. She appointed older children as assistant coaches
    for different skills. She acted as referee in all the games and her rule was

    Do you have a local history museum or historic house? The educator might
    have a list of games that kids played at the time the museum or house covers
    in their exhibits. Have senior citizens come in and teach games that are
    dying out.

    To add some real creativity to a PE lesson check out the show Z-games on the
    Disney channel. It is on sometime Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It is about
    kids who invent different games. They have this thing called the Z-Lab (I
    think that is what is called). 4 kids go into the lab. First they go to
    these boxes filled with stuff (4 boxes one for each kid and they can not see
    each other). They pick out x number of things (usually between 2 - 4). Some
    things are sets, like four cones stack on each other, and count as one. Then
    the kids come together, and working together they have to invent a new game.

    Movement to music always works add in some fabric or other safe props.

    For drama - charades. Comedy central used to have a game show were a group
    of actors were given who, what, where words (like Robin Hood riding a subway
    on Mars) they would act it out (they were allowed to talk but not say the
    words). The contestants would have to guess the answers. The host would make
    it more difficult by requiring the actors to do things like act with a
    certain feeling, to a different musical theme (jazz, rag time, Opera) , or
    other things of a similar nature. You could make it very cross-curricular by
    using themes from all the subject areas.

    I hope this helps.

    Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
    CAM Administrator
    San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts/Children's Art Museum

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    From: christine kotarsky [ernst85]
    Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2000 1:04 PM
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    Subject: Art, PE, Drama, and Dance???

    I hope someone who reads this is a PE teacher or A Drama teacher or a Dance
    teacher, or knows someone or something to help.
    Next year my school (which only has 250 elem students)is going art
    intergrated. Excellent!!! In order for me to be full time I will be teaching
    PE and art and gifted and tallented. I have a few hats to fill.
    I am so happy to be at this school but the PE drama and dance has me in a
    idea bind. The principal wants dance and drama included in the PE class.
    Plus I suppose the "gym" part. Competive sports is definaltelly not my area.
    I'm sure once a week wont be to hard and I plan on it to be fun, for me and
    the students. I will only be going into my second year of teaching and my
    area is art.
    Does anyone have some great advice for me? Any ideas on how to incorparate
    PE, art, dance, drama into some cool units? I thought of mask making in art,
    and native dance and music in PE.
    Any help will be so appreciated. Thanks CHristine
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