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The Value of the Getty Art Talk List

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 11:31:30 PDT

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    Let us keep the spirit alive! Some one asked a question about the value of
    the list....Let me tell you what is has done for me. It has given me an hour
    of professional and personal development everyday that I have read the
    digest. How many other educators can say they spend an hour a day on
    Professional development....professional development that is FREE?

    I have Janice to thank for her spirit and enthusiasm in the way she
    responded to a negative comment. I have never seen that person post a
    negative comment since. She certainly influenced that person. I have noticed
    daily that negative comments have nearly disappeared. Differences in
    opinions are highly valued...but slams against our ideas...or telling one
    their idea is not valued. We consider ALL points of view now on
    the list. This is what we need to do to keep the list alive. (to quote Bunki
    "IMHO"....In my humble opinion)

    Larry P. was right that we need to encourage free flow...criticizing what
    one has said limits free flow of ideas and some of those who were criticized
    may have left the list (I miss Wizzle...I do not know Wizzle, but always
    enjoyed her input))

    I am not criticizing George W. Bush in his comments here "Government can
    spend money, but it cannot put hope in someone's heart or a sense of purpose
    in their lives" (quote from Lima News 7/11)..."That is churches,
    synagogues, mosques and charities"

    Mr. Bush, I respect your opinion, but...the one place all children have to
    go is school....Public schools are funded with government
    that says "In God We Trust".

    Is this a message just for the people who have the most money? I believe the
    ones who put the most trust in god are the ones who earn the least (our
    ministers and missionaries--a long tradition in my family). I think since
    every child goes to school....the schools must "put hope in someone's heart
    and a sense of purpose in their lives". Let us face the fact that many
    children do not go to church.

    I agree with Mr. Bush that the "party of Lincoln has not always carried the
    mantle of Lincoln"...Mr. Lincoln did many great things for our country, he
    is a hero for many....but not for our Native Americans (I will let you do
    your own research there).

    Let us help the children understand the meaning of the pledge. "One Nation
    Under God"....They say that every morning...It is time they are taught how
    to believe the words they are saying. When will we ever learn the messages
    of Dr. Suesse...the story of the "Sneatches"? I believe Dr. Suesse had a
    very important message for one an all!

    Oh I go again...getting too wordy...delete now if you wish...This
    list has helped me with many personal and professional problems and has
    helped me to become a better teacher. Let us hope the list remains....and if as I have done and create your own "Art Talk List"...some people
    get messages from me at all hours of the day....writing helps me deal with
    and understand my problems...and helps them go away....POOF! I know it has
    done the same for others....Continue to treat one another with respect and
    the list shall remain.

    I apologize to those who get the digest and have to scroll on past the
    lengthy post....I will be laughing as I use my little wheel.....(and can laugh too if you chose to read this)

    Have a good day,
    Judith Decker

    P.S. I have decided to help everyone figure out the Judy's (or Judie) on the
    list....Now so everyone knows when someting comes form me....I will sign
    JUDITH....I think that will take care of some of the confusion....laugh
    on...laugh on...I have had pleasure in the fact that some of you thought my
    name was Mary....the "m" is my husband mother-in-law's name was
    Mary....and my son's name is now you know I am JUDITH.


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