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Re: Decision Time Help ASAP Long (for Brenda)

From: Holly112
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 09:18:46 PDT

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    In a message dated 07/11/2000 11:13:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
    BRobertsonR writes:

    << I am working part-time, and
     it Is a private school. I still have discipline problems though and am
     pretty frazzled at times by that. I do have some happy memories and feel
     like I am going to feel remorse if I don't return. Any more thoughts? >>

    Dear Brenda,

    I have worked 2 years in a private Catholic school. Prior to that I worked 6
    years as a sub in public schools. One was an inner city school and the
    students were good with me thru 4th grade. By fifth grade and up, their
    attitude was "SInk the sub!"
    The other public schools were all diverse, suburban schools k-6. The
    students were respectful in public school. There's always 3 or 4 per class
    that want to try to get away with something though, public or private....I
    experienced great times in those schools, subbing. I could always get kids
    to cooperate, even subbing in HS! My 2 yrs in private school were great, the
    kids were easy... But the one thing I could never get over was that in the
    younger grades (K-3) they were extremely rude in that they wanted to talk
    whenever they wanted, over me, over each other. The atmosphere was so strict
    in their classroom, (no talking, seats in rows) that they couldn't control
    themselves in the Artroom, where they were allowed work cooperatively at
    times, and to talk in low voices as long as they were working. By 4th grade,
    I guess they finally realize that we teachers are not their mothers, and we
    were not going to let them get away with rudeness, or else they were just
    developmentally ready to be quiet... I have never experienced this before.
    Even in the inner city, young children behaved better. The only thing I
    could come up with was that these kids were too priveleged, spoiled even.
    They don't listen to their mothers immediately, they tune them out!
    7th and 8th graders were better behaved with me than any of their other
    teachers! I'd hear complaints from core teachers about how horrible they
    were. In my room, you could hear a pin drop they were concentrating so hard
    on their artwork. Go figure! Whoever posted that advice, I think it was
    Barb?, to be firm, fair, and friendly has certainly worked for me and I think
    that's the bottom line if you want to earn kid's respect and cooperation.

    I, too needed to earn more $, so I left the private school and am going into
    a middle school situation with at risk kids. I am scared, but I am hoping
    that being firm, fair and friendly will work. I'm taking the chance, and I
    hope I'm not being naive, but I'm gonna give it my best shot. (I don't wanna
    look like your friend! LOL) I have also found that rewards work better than
    punishments, even if its only a positive comment. Everyone wants a little
    stroking, no matter what the age. Only you can decide to go back or not, and
    even then you might not be sure! If you choose to try again, just decide to
    enforce the rules fairly when you have to, even if your insides are churning
    while keeping that poker face! I'll be testing that one quite a bit in the
    coming year I bet! Also be real with them, I don't really know your
    personality, but if I make a stupid mistake i really can laugh with the kids
    about it. So they know I'm friendly, I never show favorites, and try my best
    to be fair. Godd luck to both of us! I made my decision, now I've got to
    make it work! Good luck to you whatever you decide!
    Holly :0)


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