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Lesson Plans

Re: Decision Time Help ASAP

From: Felsecker (felsecker)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 10:01:53 PDT

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        What grade level do you teach? I have mixed feelings about aides.
    I guess I'm most comfortable when I am the only adult among all the
    students...I can deal with difficult situations better that way, and keep
    focused on what is to be accomplished. With an aide, sometimes-not always,
    I find myself trying to get them acquainted with the lesson for that period
    (and if I have a different art class each period, that means a new
    explanation for the aide each period also) , etc. etc..and find myself
    spending more time trying to explain the procedure to them which takes away
    from my student-teacher time. I am more relaxed and comfortable when I'm
    alone with my kids. Weird, maybe, but true.
    I, too, am more of the quiet type. In fact, students comment on that
    occasionally. They say they don't know what I'm thinking sometimes and I
    find that to be an advantage. If you're screaming all the time at
    them...they know how to get a reaction out of you. If you're more on the
    quiet side and only occasionally get ticked off...they tend to be a little
    more respectful, calm, productive, and focused. At least that's the way it
    is in my classes. (This does not mean I don't laugh, joke, and have fun
    with my students...on the contrary)
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    > Thank you Barb. I really appreciate the advise and I think if I don't try
    > it again I will neve know. I can always be an at home painter if it
    > doesn't work out. Can you tell me what size and age of a class would
    > require an aide? My principal is willing to work with me on that but I
    > don't know what to ask for. Any thoughts?
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