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Re: Decision Time Help ASAP Long

From: John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 07:39:18 PDT

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    brenda r wrote:
    > I am a first year art teacher without education training.
    > But the entire experience was a complete shock to my system.
    > I am a mild, quiet type and the rude and disinterested students caused me
    > so much greif along with long hours that I didnt expect I have not
    > accepted the job this year.
    > Any thoughts, I need help fast!
    Well to me I noticed your first word were not joyful happy memories.
    They were not filled with passion to get back there. You really
    don't seem happy and sometimes the first thoughts on a place is what
    you should be listening to. Perhaps if you can stand it financially
    quit working full time there and try working part time somewhere
    else. Museums, creative art centers, even recreation centers have
    art classes. Private schools are hard to get. I know because I don't
    want to work in public schools(sorry folks- ever) I think it's great
    that I know I don't think I could hack it and it's better to not
    clog up the system. Mostly it's because of the attitudes I've seen
    in the past from disintegrating morals of students, bad attitudes on
    both kids, faculty and administrators and the size of the class.
    Besides the fact they seem to conveyer belt them in and out. Anyway
    that's my view. I have a friend who is divorced, she has been for a
    long time. She worked at my kids school as their art teacher but
    it's private and it was part time. She worked there a long time. She
    is very quiet, meek, soft spoken and looks quite frail. The kids
    respected her and were very kind,( of course they have to be at all
    times). She left to teach at the 700+ elementary/middle school
    across the street. She has aged a good ten years in the eyes. It is
    full time and she needs the money. She is stressed out underweight
    and exhausted. I know she would quit in a heartbeat but can't exist
    without the paycheck. She just doesn't have the personality to work
    in that kind of school. Oh yeah she is white it is 99% black, inner
    city school and a lot of problems. So if you don't have to go back
    don't. See how you feel in a year.
    Maybe you just need a break or perhaps a change in


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