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Lesson Plans

Re: Decision Time Help ASAP

From: Felsecker (felsecker)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 08:26:40 PDT

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    Dear Brenda,
        Of course, the decision has to be yours, but try to think about all the
    positive experiences you had last school year. You'll be surprised at the
    number when you get to thinking about it. Yes, there will always be that
    negative element, but the kids who are appreciative of your efforts are
    there in your classes...and they out number the others. They're usually the
    more quiet ones; the ones that get to work without having to be told; the
    ones who come and go each day without incident; the ones who might not be
    the greatest artists but who really try. THe ones you usually do remember
    most are the ones who are loud, obnoxious, disrespectful and who quite
    frankly, don't want to be at school,..... period. And, unfortunately, they
    are present in each and every classroom, whether it is a public or private
    school. You have had a full year now of experience and that is invaluable!
    You will be able to draw off of that and this year WILL be easier! You have
    lesson plans that were successful and you can use those again. You've met
    and developed friendships with other teachers and what a wonderful feeling
    to know you have those comrades to go to and share when you need a shoulder
    to cry on or need some advice! When I first began teaching, that first year
    was so scary! But, I kept a "poker face" throughout the rough times even
    though my stomach was churning and my heart was racing. I stood my ground
    in my beliefs and convictions and remembered what a principle once told me
    that really makes alot of sense. He said as long as you maintain the "firm,
    fair, but friendly" atmosphere, things will work out for the best. And they
    have! Hope this helps a little!
    Barb F.
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    > I am a first year art teacher without education training. My first year
    > was fullfilling: we won many medals and ribbons, many kids enjoyed it.
    > But the entire experience was a complete shock to my system.
    > I am a mild, quiet type and the rude and disinterested students caused me
    > so much greif along with long hours that I didnt expect I have not
    > accepted the job this year. It is so hard because my kids go to this
    > private school and in many ways I want to be on board again. I have to
    > decide today. My gut tells me to do it again and just see if the second
    > year would be different with one already under my belt but on the other
    > hand if I was really called to do this wouldn't my decision be easier.
    > Any thoughts, I need help fast!
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