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How to live a better life -long post

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 04:05:33 PDT

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    I can not explain this joy I have....but I hope I can share it with you so
    you can pass it on to others. We are human...we all make mistakes...I
    apologize for my mistakes and it makes me feel so much better. When someone
    has done something wrong towards me, I forgive. I know my Lord sacrificed
    his only son to save me. I realize this isn't a forum for religion, but if
    we are to truly understand a person or culture we need to understand their
    belief system and values. I have made some personal sacrifices to help
    others because that is my way. No one will ever take that away from
    one. To live a better life, we must truly believe the Golden Rule. This is
    what education needs today....from the top on down.

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

    If you adopt this principle, you have absolutely no guilt for anything you
    have ever done to another. I knew several years ago I needed to get this
    message across to others....and now I have a forum. "Trust in God" is the
    motto of our country...There is nothing wrong with students believing they
    too can trust in God when they are in need. There may be a time when god is
    the only one you are sure you can trust. I know some people do not believe
    there is a god...but the belief in God is a gift that our creator has given
    us. Every culture has their own way of celebrating this and we all need to
    respect those beliefs. I will not try to change what someone else believes,
    but will help them understand mine better.

    "How Great thou Art" was one of my favorite hymns....and yes, how great is
    art? We have a wonderful opportunity to ease the problems in the world. All
    teachers do. We as art teachers can help pass this onto others. Showing
    respect and admiration for what a peer has done can be difficult. Why,
    because we get jealous....Do not get jealous, that only hurts yourself. Be
    proud of what your co-workers have done and let them know how proud you are.
    How can we teach our students to respect one other when they see teachers
    showing disrespect towards other teachers.

    I have shared with many why I lend a helping hand....even when I do not have
    the time....because that is the Christian way. My great-grandfather's name
    was "Christian" for a reason. His name was Christian Richer....and yes I am
    richer for the gifts god has given me. No one will take those gifts away.
    This is why my ideas are free....when I have the I do.

    I have the greatest admiration for cultures who look for strength in their mine have given me strength as well. I have found this joy
    by reading the Bible of Christian Richer....That is a gift I have also
    received. I have read the words of my great-great grandfather, Johannes
    Richer (a letter to God in this Bible) that describe how you know your
    prayers are answered and I know mine have been...many times over. I know I
    can get this message across to my students through my art (as I have posted
    it on my Web page). Johannes Richer came to this country for Freedom of
    Religion....not freedom from religion. I will fight for what my
    great-great-grandfather believed in.

    Please accept my apology for this long and wordy are all welcome
    to disagree as this is just my humble opinion. But I would not knock it
    until you have tired it for yourself.

    I was woken up very early this morning with this thought to post this to the
    list....Words from another hymn "Trust and Obey for there is no other way"
    So I must obey my lord.

    I am so glad we have this open forum for free thought....just delete...."Use
    the key Bill Gates gave you"...Thanks for that quote Woody!

    I am now going to live my life to obtain "The Highway to Heaven" --from a
    poem of my Grandfather, Reverend Benjamin Franklin Richer, Sr. I choose to
    help him on his own personal mission. Upon his death and upon my father's
    death what I recall people said most about both of these fine men is that
    they were always smiling. This is true...and now I have their gift. I do not
    care if the world laughs back at me (the joke will be on them....tee-hee).

    What the world needs now is to operate like the Getty Art Ed Talk
    List....and wouldn't it all be a better place?

    I had a student who actually helped me realize this, too...I am so glad she
    shared with me how she knew she got the right answers. I will give her a hug
    in the fall and thank her (she need not even know why). She has a project
    that needs to be finished anyway.

    Now you can go out and try to spread this joy to others...or choose not to.

    Thank you,

    Judy Decker


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