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RE: Interesting lies- Was CBS Sunday Morning

From: Lawrence A. Parker (occti)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 16:31:51 PDT

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        What is better: Misinformation or no information at all? Do you ever
    find yourself having to re-teach the truth?

        IMHO, as most of you might expect, I would prefer no information over
    misinformation. Misinformation can cause too much damage. One might
    suggest that someone later on (one of the news kids discovery the "tell the
    truth" gene, as I think Henry suggested) will take the misinformation and
    correct it. Perhaps.

        But we are not limited to just these two choices, are we? We certainly
    know enough to tell the truth about a lot of things. Literary license is no
    excuse, and marketing is not an acceptable rationale. There is, in my mind,
    no excuse for not stating the facts as they are well known.

        If there is a question, then all sides should be presented. I know that
    this is impractical for a movie, but then we should discuss whether the
    disputed materials should be left out altogether. It's a point which sort
    of feels like the old saw, "If you can't say something nice, don't say
    anything at all." So, if you can't say it's a fact, then don't say it.

        I can't see any advantage to supplying mis- or dys-information.



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