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Lesson Plans

How to use the digest--just a tip

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 05:11:07 PDT

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    Thank you, Henry, for letting us know how to find what we need on the list!
    Great advice!

    Here is one for digest use:
    It is so easy to make the digest an effective use of time. There is a list
    at the top of the posts. Each one is numbered. When I do not have time, I
    scroll down to only the ones I want to read. I only have one e-mail to open
    and one to delete. Today I only read a own posts just to make sure
    I didn't have too many typos (tee-hee), Lawrence's, and I read the post on
    Frieda Kahlo sites....the rest I scrolled past. We have a scroll wheel mouse
    which makes this so easy and so fast.

    When I have time, I read more and it is usually for comic relief...(and
    those who know me can laugh, here too). I have suggested to many to switch
    to the digest and they have. I unsubscribe from the other list that was
    started. Why? My dear little boy does not read--or delete--all of his mail.
    Just for the fun of it I counted 26 for him still in my inbox (and that is
    lower than usual). The digest IS a wise use of time....don't knock it until
    you try it....not mad....just stating my humble opinion. Smile! And don't
    you dare come back at me...well have him get his own account....We have one
    account for one very important reason. Smile again.

    I strongly recommend we all read Lawrence's words of wisdom if we truly are
    concerned about the future of education. I would recommend all Ohio people
    in particular to drop him a line.
    Lawrence Parker has many quality programs to offer. I thought he could use
    the publicity.

    Judy Decker

    P.S. For those who are interested, the new kitchen cupboards are totally
    awesome! I am prepping the walls today for the wallpaper. Hubby wanted to
    take some before, during destructo,and after...I said no...I just want to
    admire the handy work when it is done. I know this isn't "list" info...but I
    got so many personal e-mails now all of you know....funny isn't


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