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Lesson Plans


From: Jarsawyer
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 17:21:14 PDT

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    I agree with Henry (rant -- bet you can't) that something is lost when we
    have so many rules about communication. I find it really easy to go through
    the mail of the day and pick what I want to read and delete the rest. I
    wouldn't want to impose my style of mail-reading onto anyone else.

    I find it very comforting to know that there are so many of us on the list
    serve who are ready and willing to talk about anything. I felt very
    supported after a disappointing interview, for example. There are many
    facets to being an art teacher and we are often isolated is our school
    systems I think. Especially if you are trying to contribute to community in
    two or more schools. Sometimes you feel invisible. I don't mind if we talk
    about DBAE or multiculturalism or if we ARE a support group for each other.

    I find this format, rather than digest, easier to get through also -- as
    Henry suggested. I've tried both and this is a little clearer to get through.

    At our staff meetings, we have been asked to follow this very formal method
    of discussing every topic and digressing is no longer an option -- it's like
    everyone hates being together. I used to find it enjoyable because I never
    got to see anyone during the day and looked forward to staff meetings. Now
    it's so regimented, I'm afraid to just speak up -- isn't that ridiculous!
    Just like not being sure I could respond to just Henry's message in this post
    -- or is it O.K. to also respond to Peter?

    Peter -- I found a great book that lists (in a boring but efficient way) all
    the art skills that are developmentally appropriate for each grade level up
    to grade 6. It's called art is elementary and instead of the DBAE texts I've
    used, I find this extremely helpful to build on skills from year to year and
    also to defend any thematic units I've been asked to do for classroom
    teachers AND for defending any multicultural units I've been prompted to do
    by the district. Actually, I'm doing any project that I want to when I want
    to and I defend it, if I have to, with any of these reasons: developmental
    skills (Piaget), multiculturalism (world view/tolerance), thematic units
    (visual learning). Now I'm rambling, but I'm going to blame that on Henry
    for getting me started.

    This will be our new mantra: MORE MAIL NOW!



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