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Being fit

From: Patricia Knott (pknott)
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 13:32:24 PDT

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    > One of the things I think we all love about this list is it's diversity, the
    > topics are always changing, the subjects so incredibly varied. As K-12
    > teachers our interests certainly differ but our goals are the same- a deep
    > concern for good art education.
    > In light of the latest threads that were connected to health (sensible
    > eating, as well as enjoying the stimulating outdoors for both reviving the
    > spirit and physical fitness) I would like to share a word from Audrey Flack
    > in her book "Art and Soul' Notes on Creating, which I recently picked up at
    > a bookstore.
    > This section is called ARTISTS AND ATHLETES:
    > "Like athletes, artists must be in excellent physical shape in order to
    > create their best works. Artists stand when they paint, walk back and forth
    > hundreds of times a day during the painting process.
    > Action comes not from the wrists alone, but from the entire painting arm.
    > Like an elegant fencer, with one arm forward and the other behind the back,
    > the entire body is put into motion. Abstract expressionists knew this; that
    > is why they were called 'action painters'

    I am not sure I totally agree with Audrey's notion here but it certainly
    relates to the subject matter that seems to have caused so much
    contraversery on the list recently.
    I saw Audrey Flack speak last year . She is an incredible artist that is in
    conflict with the city of New York over a proposed sculpture for
    installation in the East River. The sculpture is MONUMENTAL and the issue
    detaining the completion is about "political correctness." She, a woman of
    ordinary stature, has constructed a clay model of this statue. She is a real
    dynamo. And I have no doubts she possesses the energy to complete a work
    such as this.
    I guess my point is that, as artists, our physical well being is a factor in
    our production.
    I am remembering a TV program put on many years ago. I can't recall the name
    .. Omni something. and a particular piece they did pitting O.J. Simpsom (
    yes him) against Michael Bariznikoff (spelling?) Guess who appeared more

    I don't have a site for you to investigate, but if you don't know her work,
    Audrey Flack is a woman worth investigating as a painter and sculptor. She
    has a good sense of place and identity and historical reference.

    I feel very lucky that the Philadelphia Museum of Art, at least a couple of
    times a year, brings working artists into the museum to speak. I've seen
    Chuck Close, Elizabeth Murray, Mary Ellen Mark, Sebastio Salgado, and Audrey
    Flack, just to name a few. These are incredible experiences for me. I
    hope other museums afford the same opportunities and that you all take
    advantage of them.



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