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Museum education was RE: Arts education from Getty

From: Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 09:42:19 PDT

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            That is the point. I think they view themselves as so important they don't
    need to educate the public to survive. Now I have a question for y'all.
            We are working to establish a good partnership with the largest school
    district in the area. The problem is getting the administrators to
    understand the difference between museum education and classroom art
    education. Between the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts and the Children's Art
    Museum we have 5 galleries (4 in SAMFA 1 in CAM). Of these galleries 4
    (3-SAMFA 1-CAM) change exhibits every 2 - 4 months. The 4th gallery at SAMFA
    is actually an open storage area you walk through the ceramics storage
    (right now it is set up like a regular gallery eventually there will be
    Plexiglas cases storing the collection) at the back of ceramics storage
    there are two French Doors (with a high security lock). Through the glass
    you can see our 2-dimensional collection. So we have to establish some
    general tours that we can adapt to different exhibits.
    We have
    1. Regular SAMFA tour of exhibits (1 hour) (3rd grade - adult) Free
    2. SAMFA tour with hands on (1 1/2 hour) (3rd grade - adult) (tentative)
    3. Regular CAM tour with hands on (a choice of 1 hour, 1 1/2 hour, or 2
    hours) (K - 6th grade) $1.00 per student
    4. Early Childhood tour of CAM (1 hour) (EC, PK, Head start, a possible
    choice for Fall semester/young Kinder) $1.00 per student
    5. Art of Writing tour both museums (2 trips to museum class also works on
    paragraphs/essays in class ends up with a bound book) (2nd - 12th grade
    maybe spring semester 1st graders) Free
    6. Clay tours at CAM limited number because of firing we don't have a kiln
    the Chicken Farm will fire them sometimes the secondary art teachers will
    also. We paint with acrylic and do not glaze (2 hours one or two trips) (K -
    6th grade) (0ffered during the National Ceramics Competition and Student
    Ceramics Show) $1.00 per student
    7. Elementary student 2-D show in the spring
    8. Student Ceramic Show (all grades) April - mid May ends two weeks before
    school lets out)
    9. Portfolio Class for HS students Free
    10. New 7th grade pull out program (they will come to SAMFA for their last
    class of the day targeting exceptional art students and at risk students).
    (Tentative) Free
    11. Written & Illustrated Workshop (3rd & 4th grade pilot this fall)
    through the Community Education program Free
    12. Messy Art Days - For regular classroom teachers who have an art project
    they would like to do with their class in connection with an unit of study,
    but is unsure of the procedure or it is too messy for the classroom (most
    have carpet floors). (all Elementary grades) (free if the teacher orders and
    brings some of the supplies depending on the project)

    Because of politics we are finding it easier to work through the regular
    classroom teachers all levels and the secondary art teachers (the elementary
    teachers are upset that the school district is paying the educator's salary
    (museum provides a new 7 million dollar facility, and a % of the supplies
    and pays my salary and benefits all of the CAM supplies and exhibits. We
    can't pay a % of the educator's salary because of state law. We spend 30% of
    our budget on education compared to other museums that is very high))

    Certain administrators are upset because we did not have contact with the
    number of students specified in the systemic mapping for this year. We only
    reached 5,000 students instead of every child in the district. We were not
    even told about the guideline until the end of the school year. It is also
    an impossible figure, if the principal will not allow the kids to come.

    On the good side we have excellent support for our efforts at the top most
    level and with many campus level administrators. Visits to both museums are
    no longer considered field trips or time out of class. The Museum is an
    extension of the classroom like visiting another pull out program. Three of
    the twenty elementary schools guarantee teachers can take their class at
    least once a year to the museum (the principal pays for the bus and
    admission to CAM ($1.00 per student for the regular tour and the clay tour
    n/c for the other tours) there is no charge for schools at SAMFA.

    I would love your feedback. If you participate in a museum partnership or
    education program please tell me about it.
    Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
    CAM Administrator
    San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts/Children's Art Museum

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    Where does the Getty think they are going to get museum attendees and
    supporters without education in the arts?

    Leslie in Framingham



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