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Re: graveyard rubbings.......

From: Amenay2
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 05:02:48 PDT

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    Be sure to contact the cemetery and get permission to go to the cemetery and
    to do the rubbings. Some cemeteries may give a little tour and the history,
    not of the cemetery itself, but of the history of the community and state.
    My father was General Manager of a 160 acre nonprofit cemetery (now over a
    100 yrs old) and he loved to do the tours most of all. He would take the
    children on a tour of the cemetery, and teach proper behavior...(the do's and
    don'ts...each gravesite is private property as well as a place to be
    respected as a burial site and for burial customs) and safety. He would also
    give the history of the city, state and nation...yellow fever
    epidemic...first child born....senator so and so...civil war
    veterans...unique monuments (angel from Italy...solid onyx marker...2 solid
    pieces of granite making one huge monument...etc). Last but not least he
    would tell a tale or tales of the cemetery...not ghost stories.

    In the name of archeology many people are irreverent and disrespectful of
    gravesite...esp. if not of your religion or clan. Visiting a cemetery may
    help one to understand the need to study burial sites for the information
    they give us regarding cultures...but how to do it and maintain the sanctity
    of the site. One of our family plots in WVA has been bulldozed under with
    regard or contact of the family. We would have moved the graves if we had
    been properly notified.


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