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Lesson Plans

Re: proposed crazy schedule- middle school

From: KSchiavo00
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 17:31:36 PDT

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    I have been in similar situations -but I use my time -ALL of it and MORE
    after school to prepare, clean materials, "set" projects, make samples, help
    students during lunch who are behind, put up/take down artwork, design
    recognition/bulletin boards, decorations for dances, etc... I never get to
    sit down and PLAN -that is done late at nite when my family is sleeping.
    Administration still comes to me when they cannot find a sub for another
    teacher during my plan time and I often say NO (unless the duty won't put me
    behind). We are not like core teachers. We don't hand out worksheets, pick
    them up and have a student grade them for us with a key (I know- a
    generalization). But we must VALUE our time at school and use it to the best
    of our ability- for teaching.
    Our school is going to teaming this fall and like you -my class time has been
    reduced to 44 min. I now have 2 plan times though as well as an extra 10 min
    (Homeroom time -which the exploratories no longer have.) I know there are
    some teachers who are fit-to-be-tied with this set up. If push comes to
    shove I will designate that 10 min. to hand back projects (I will have to get
    The extra plan time must be used to meet in our team (PE, Life skills, Band,
    Music, Art Technology). I will probably use that time to visit other classes
    (core) and integrate art in their studies. I am not going to leave any room
    in my schedule for "babysitting" -I guarantee you.
    Kathy in Kalamazoo


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