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Lesson Plans

proposed crazy schedule- middle school

From: Jeannie Sandoval (jeannie_sandoval)
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 14:43:22 PDT

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    Hello friends...

    Thought I would change the topic- we all need it I think.

    As most of you know, I have told you about the strange educational reforms
    happening here in GA. Well, at the middle school level it has been decided
    that the kids need more academic time. So, they are cutting our classes from
    55 min to 44 min and the acadmeinc time up to 60 minutes each. So basically
    we will have longer periods without students. Our academinc teachers are
    very jealous we will have all this 'free time" and want the exploratory
    teachers to have permanent duty stations so that our planning period does
    not exceed theirs (it would if we didn't do something else).
    The proposed schedule for next year is 8th grade 1-2 period, 7th 3-4 period,
    then we will have a huge time break- then 6-7th period 6th grade so in
    order to justify our time, we will have a rotating duty stations. One being
    having lunch duty (6 exploratory teachers) for the 7th and 8th grade, and to
    appease the 6th grade teachers, 5 other exploratory teachers are also being
    assigned two 6th grade teachers each and will do their (basically)
    secretarial work.Copies, watching class for potty breaks,grade papers,
    inputing grades in the computer etc. for one hour every day for the entire
    year. I will still have an 88 min. planning period which includes lunch (no
    big deal).

    Do you smell something as foul as I do? I do not like this recommendation
    for our time. I am begging anyone out there in a situation like this to tell
    me what you do when you do not have kids. I do not mind helping out another
    teacher if they need it or pulling lunch duty- but there has got to be a
    better way to use our time that works for everyone. Our principal says if we
    know anyone in the middle schools to get their ideas. I told him I "knew"
    some people I could ask. He needs all our proposals by the 7th of AUg. I
    would love to bring in stacks of how the middls school teachers out there
    have their day broken down. I hope you can help me!

    Thanks and Happy Summer!
    jeannie in ga

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