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Lesson Plans

This is deliberately for everyone

From: Batmom44
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 11:23:44 PDT

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    First of all, Bunki, thank you and Woody for your efforts to keep this list
    going. Since I was off line for several months, I was unaware of the problems
    with Getty not wanting to support this list any further. I personally do not
    want to see this list fold. I have made some fantastic professional contacts
    and wonderful friends on this list. I do not want to lose that.
    Second: I would just like to say that if we examine the posts to this list
    very carefully, we will see the following:
    1. very personal responses to individuals that concern none of the rest of
    us. I know that I have been guilty of this myself due to the change in the
    procedure for replying. I am slow to retrain. But I am getting better.
    2. the necessity to scan the posts for the ones that one has time to read.
    sometimes I just don't have time to scan the list and just don't even bother.
    I am sure that this looks bad to Getty. They don't want to spend their money
    to provide a personal support group type list. And it is probably a turn-off
    for busy professionals who are looking for information, ideas, etc. Most of
    the excess bulk seems to be responses to the entire group that could be
    individual. So maybe that is an area we could decide to work on. We all need
    support from people who are like ourselves and this has been a wonderful
    place for that support. There is no need to lose that.I suggest that we find
    a way to accomplish that without clogging the list with posts that might
    convince Getty to get rid of us. Then what will we do?
    3. bickering. I think we can end that without too much effort. I know that
    looks bad to someone paying the bill.
    Again, thank you, Bunki and Woody. I for one appreciate you efforts.


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