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wise use of the list....response from Bunki....

From: Bunki Kramer (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 09:53:16 PDT

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    from: Bunki Kramer (
    Los Cerros Middle School
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    >From: Artemis420
    > Agreed! Every so often some anal type with control issues attempts to
    > dictate the content of this list.

    Hummmmm. Let me get this correct. I am being called
    1. anal
    2. a control freak
    3. if a remember correctly, part of a clique
    4. a complainer

    All this because I ventured an opposing opinion. My dear friends. How
    friendly you are to everyone who has a diff. opinion. Let me be the first to
    congratulate you on your "spirit".

    I really do see your points everyone. I for one enjoy freedom too. I've been
    quilty of using this list unwisely also. I know I am not a moderator and I
    don't intend to want to be.

    First...perhaps you don't know the recent history of this list. This past
    winter-spring someone from Getty wrote to me (and Woody) advising us what
    was happening at the Getty...a big turnaround. (Why they picked us I have no
    clue.) Anyway, this started a really big scare with lots of rumors. Getty
    was going to do away with the artsednet as we know it. The rumors were
    largely true. At the national conference some of us went to the Getty
    Institute on the hill with the purpose of talking to the "suits". We talked
    to everyone we could find who even looked or sounded like they were a part
    of Getty. We begged and pleaded. We talked and talked and talked...cried and
    talked some more. When we got home, we e-mailed everyone on the hill we
    could get addresses for. We really tried to make a difference.
    Personally...I think we did.

    It is my understanding that there is a year's reprieve for this list. Some
    board members want to use the large chunk of $$$ for other ventures. Getty
    doesn't benefit by keeping this listserv. We don't pay dues. There is no
    profit for them. The only ones who benefit are us. A real business person
    would shake their heads at Getty and say, "Are you CRAZY?!"

    The board members...again, this is my understanding...after our visit voted
    to continue this listserv for one year. It is NOT a sure thing to continue.

    All the original team of people who created and initiated this list, I think
    8 or so, were terminated. I've been told there is only one person running
    this now who is not an original team person (read non-initial loyality).
    Because the team has been cut to one is why our archives have been slashed
    and are behind. Some of the board members...I am told...are not loyal to
    this list either.

    Getty knows the value of a forum for art educators and choses to keep us
    together for another year despite the other avenues and despite the
    overhead. I understand this. Our scare has opened my eyes to the tenuous
    ground on which our listserv stands. It would be a real shame if some people
    wanted to "make a stand" and threaten our dear list.

    I am not a control freak. I am not a complainer ordinarily. Part of a
    clique? Well...I've made lots of friends here if that's what you mean. All
    I'm asking is that you T-H-I-N-K before clicking that "send" button. Is it
    really something you want 1000 people to know about you? If Getty reads it,
    would they think it was a worthwhile topic to discuss? Are you using up alot
    of space thanking one individual on the gen. listserv and not responding
    privately? Etc? In all reality Getty is calling the shots. And this is my
    LAST SHOT in trying to explain where we are headed. Toodles......


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