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Lesson Plans

Re: Student teachers

From: KHeifetz
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 09:51:20 PDT

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    I have requested that my student teachers come into my classroom and observe
    and work with my students (7th and 8th graders) and get a "feel" to what they
    are walkin g into..also, it gives them an "out"..I do believe that
    personality issues should not be a part of studfent teaching although we know
    it is in our careers. Again, this fall i will have a student teacher who is
    in their second career..have had 2 placements similar to this in the past 4
    years....I want them to feel comfortable.....they watch me, my students and
    the expectatopns and i also insist that they observe every portion of the
    middle school and observe a team (core subjects) of one grade level, PE,
    music, Home & careers, technology and computer classes...aswellas guidance,
    media center classes and even the runnings of the administrative staff....if
    time permits, the student teacher should see the other grade levels..where
    the students came from and where they are going to.. these are ALL the parts
    that make up the whole student before they get to an art class.....once in
    the art classroom after 4 or so classes (the student must gently 'jump' in
    and assist and get a feel for the classes.....then "we develop " lessons and
    it is usually the student teacher but with
    consistency with our state standards. I encourage the student teacher to
    risk new ideas and lessons....since I do this on a regular basis in my a slow but soon
    rapidly paced initiation for the student teacher occurs and the transition at
    the end of the experience is similar but i become the assistant ........also,
    be sure you capitalize on your student teacher's strenghts.for example, if
    they had another career.can often be used as a source for their lessons, if
    not a second career, the student may have other outside interests that can be
    capitalized upon in the develpment of a lesson.
    All in all it should be a learning and growing experience for both of you.


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