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Lesson Plans

RE: Student teachers

From: Lawrence A. Parker (occti)
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 10:43:18 PDT

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    > Once again, should I be having her teach my lessons first, to
    > get used to it?


    In my experience, I've found that it is much easier, more effective, and
    more meaningful to both myself and the students if I teach from myself.
    Covering mostly what others would cover (what 'needs' to be covered), but
    w/o some things and w/ some of my own things worked in, but almost always in
    my own method. Two of the programs I teach ("Alternatives to Violence" and
    "Moral Fitness") were developed by other organizations. I don't teach
    either of them 'as they were written', and neither organization expects
    everyone to teach it the same way.

    > With my student teacher, I commented on her lessons before she
    > taught them to help her refine them, then after teaching them we would
    > discuss what happened, what was good, what could be improved, etc.

    This above, I think, is the very best way to mentor a student teacher, or
    anyone actually. If you pull all of this off, I think you're giving the
    student the very best of your experience.

    In re: working them through the grades and then back to K, I think I agree
    with that. K is particularly special, for their level of cognitive
    development and the lack of stunting in their creative abilities and

    In re: starting too quickly, I don't think so. I'm usually all for
    immersion; they ought to have the theoretical knowledge by now, and student
    teaching is all about getting the experience and practical applications.

    Good luck,


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