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Re: IB and/or AP questions

From: Bicyclken
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 07:26:50 PDT

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    oxydol writes:

    > Is your class two years long?

    My class is 1 year and in their senior year. They have had Art 1,2,3. by

    Do you have "entrance requirements"?

    I have a teacher recommendation and a form that asks questions. These
    questions refer to their concentration project and to their commitment to the

    How many students in a period?
    I have 17 students this coming year in a class of Art 2 totaling 32.

    Do you do both drawing and general portfolios?

    I have always done the General Portfolio because it has been the most useful
    for my students abilities.

    How do you keep track of students doing many different things and yet make
    sure that they all get the required number of pieces in?

    Each student fills out a worksheet that shows all the works that needs to be
    done. They fill this out and keep it throughout the year. I give them 8
    projects that are required (these are for the breadth section) . I check
    their progress monthly and we discuss their progress at semester time. If
    they do not have enough completed by semester they are put into independent
    study and will not complete the portfolio. Everyone who continues past
    semester, will turn in a portfolio.

    How do you do grading?

    Their progress from the worksheets and from their required project grade.
    Each student is also required to have a sketch book with 5 works to be
    completed each grading period. They will fall down at first because they
    think that they have all year. Not so, and I remind them of the large amount
    of work that must be completed.

    How do you get the "non-drawing" (photography) students into drawing

    I don't have the non-drawing students in A.P. They are usually my students
    however I only teach the advanced classes at my school. We have 7 teachers
    and 30 sections of art. Our Photography area has 2 levels and they sometimes
    overlap students who can use their photography in their portfolio.

    In conclusion, I have been doing the A.P. general portfolio since 1986 and we
    have had only 3 students not get a 3 or better with the majority getting a 4
    or 5. This is because we have stressed the importance of keeping track of
    the progress, using a variety of media and design concepts and making sure
    that the students is aware of the importance of this task. These kids like
    to think of themselves as the elite in the school for art and they don't want
    to show poorly. They work hard and long after school and at home.

    Ken Schwab
    San Jose CA


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