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Re: supplies - what to do?

From: LOUISE HARVILLA (harv4art)
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 06:39:07 PDT

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    Dear ArtsEdNetters,
            Reading this post about lots of leftover non-hardening clay promted me
    to share this story. I have used it for all the neat ideas people have
    been sharing. Mostly my middle school students have had great success
    using this clay to sculpt over styrofoam wig heads and onto various
    other forms to create awesome masks. After all the sculpting they apply
    the layers of paper-mache or plaster gauze. When a class of 26 is doing
    this that can mean a great deal of clay! And in the NAEP National art
    assessment there's the hands-on part where kids are asked to sculpt the
    stages of a metamorphasis... say a man turning into a fish. Anyways, I
    love for my students to be able to experiment in these ways but this
    year, near the end of the year, someone decided to "steal" some out of
    the art room, share the bounty with 2 or 3 other boys and they proceeded
    to throw little balls of it throughout the remainder of the school day.
    Needless to say, I was called into the principal's office. Many
    teaachers were upset because their classes were disrupted. For the life
    of me, I don't know how they pulled the caper off! One kid did get
    caught and was suspende for 2 days but he would NOT snitch on the
    others. I felt stupid. I guess the eyes in the back of my head weren't
    working that day! Now they wear those huge baggy jeans and you could
    walk out with something and never look suspicious. Wouldn't it be great
    if someone would invent some low cost thing you could say-"spray'
    invisibly on the art stuff in your room and then when the little thief
    tries to get out your doorway with it...WHOOP< WHOOP WHOOP and now just
    WHO loses face and who is smiling! I'd LOVE to turn the table on them


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