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Lesson Plans

Student teachers

From: Litesal (litesal)
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 06:14:10 PDT

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    I know we've discussed student teachers on the list before, but I'd like to
    start the thread again. I am getting a student teacher in the fall, my
    second one. I had a pretty good experience with my first one, but I want to
    do better, so I'm looking for suggestions. She will be in my classroom from
    Sept. 5 to Oct. 20.

    Last time, in order for my stud. teacher to be able to teach all grades, I
    started her the second week with 1st grade, then the next week with 1 and 2,
    and so on. I didn't add k until the last week (because I want to get the
    impressionable newbies in shape! lol). Do you think I started her too
    quickly? I figure, the best way to learn is to dive right in and do it. I
    also let her do all her own planning. My requirements were that her lessons
    be discipline based, but other than that I let her go with her interests
    (which works fine with my curriculum). Once again, should I be having her
    teach my lessons first, to get used to it? I, personally, didn't like when
    my cooperating teacher made me teach her lessons, exactly the way she would
    teach them. With my student teacher, I commented on her lessons before she
    taught them to help her refine them, then after teaching them we would
    discuss what happened, what was good, what could be improved, etc.

    Any suggestions, comments, or anything about any part of working with a
    student teacher would be greatly appreciated.

    THanks, Leah


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