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Let's Be Reasonable

From: Patricia Knott (pknott)
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 22:09:56 PDT

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    I have been off-line for a couple of days , the reasons are not important.
    I have come back facing almost 300 messages. It is not hard at all to
    determine which ones I immediately delete. There is just certain subject
    matter I just do not have time for. And I think this is the gist of the
    "problem" that seems to have invaded this list.
    We have become a "group." And some of us have made personal connections- we
    all want to feel recognized.
    But, this list is not unlike anything I have observed in student behavior.
    "Calling" out out for some kind of recognition. I see questions being
    responded to fervently and others going, what appears to be unnoticed. I
    almost detect a "cliquish" attitude ( But keep in mind I don't know what is
    responded to personally. I have had tons of personal replies that touched me
    I see nothing wrong with strands on this list that deal with human
    reactions to situations that we deal with on a daily basis, IT is what art
    is all about. If we disregard the issues, what do we make images for????
    Personally, I have gotten dozens of ideas for images from the diet issue.
    And is not the topic of weight very relative to our society today? It is a
    very a relevant topic to deal with. I know I had at least 4 AP Art students
    this year whose concentration dealt with self image and their weight

    I understand the concerns of keeping this list alive. But I will not fall
    to any kind of pressure to limit the free flow of exchange of ideas on any
    level. Recognizing that there is a predominate concern for a certain issue
    and exploring al the possibilities for a solution is what creative thinking
    is all about. And God knows, being overweight is a dominate issue in
    today's society.
    Can't we change what has seemed to become a negative and deal with this
    issue in as something that the kids face as well as we do?
    How can we we look at body image throughout history and deal with socially
    acceptable norms and genetics? It seems to me, judging by what I see from
    students(especially girls) they are being very effected by commercial
    acceptancr(STILL) of they look like like.( And I know you know that) What
    seems obvious is that, many of you fall victim to the same standards. If
    art, in fact, reflects society,. is this not a topic we should explore?

    Just a thought , and trying to make a positive,


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