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Re: supplies - Thanks!

From: Tsheffey
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 20:56:45 PDT

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    You know, it's hard going into a new job and a new classroom. The first job I
    got, the supply closet was horrible. It had things that had been there for 20
    years. It took all summer to clear it out and add more of my own stuff. It
    was a blessing but I didn't know it at the time.
    After I moved to Texas, I got a job at a middle school first and it was a new
    school. The secretary so screwed up everyones orders that I didn't receive
    one single supply until the end of November. Not even paper or pencil! I
    raided my granddaughter's stuff, had the kids bring in colored pencils,
    markers, pencils,and erasers. Needless to say, we did alot of art history (I
    had a classroom set of books) and alot of drawing. I stayed there 2 years and
    when I finally felt that I finally had things in order, I got a high school
    job across town at one of the nicest schools in the area. I was hired the
    day before school started and didn't even get into my room until the first
    day of school. It was a wonderful classroom, plenty of storage, light, etc.
    but, guess what? When I opened the supply closet it held, old crates, a bunch
    of gallon cans of stain and enamel housepaint, and some gauze bandages (not
    the plaster kind). That was it! I think someone or many someones had removed
    anything of any value that was ever in there.
    When I asked about supplies, I was told that the budget didn't get approved
    until September 1. School srarted August 11. Then every teacher in the large
    district orders from the warehouse at the same time and they are out of many
    things. Again, it was about November before any supplies came and then they
    were sporatic with lots of things being out of stock.
    Frustrating to say the least, and I could go on and on.....but the moral of
    this rambling is:
    At the end of the school year I was so amazed at how well all of my students
    could draw (I teach 5 Art 1 classes). One football player even said to me,
    "Mrs. Sheffey, I didn't think I had it in me but you showed me that anyone
    can learn to draw."
    So now, I try to have a kind of "wait and see" attitude about what supplies
    I end up and build around it. And for all of you out there who feel you
    don't have what you need, you can never teach enough drawing!!!!
    Good luck to all of you in new jobs!!! My thoughts are with you!
    Teresa Sheffey
    El Paso, TX



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