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Lesson Plans

YABA DABA DOO~ Jan's got a job!!!!!!!!

From: Janjarreau
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 16:42:11 PDT

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    Hey everybody,
        Can you believe it?? A MIDDLE SCHOOL!! I found out from a friend about
    an opening in my county just 6 miles from home! Even the district office
    didn't know about the opening until I called them yesterday and so they put
    my file in his box. He called me at 1:00 today and since we are going to the
    Adirondacks (Hamilton Lakes in New York; yippee!) tomorrow, for the weekend;
    we decided I had better go right in. My app. was at 3:00 and lasted about an
    hour and a half.
        I left nothing for chance. I brought in 5 big ring note books full of
    everything. Lesson plans, DBAE stuff, Art Ed. stuff, State Curriculum stuff,
    pictures of my work and student work, pictures of students etc. Actually he
    said he already checked me out before I came in today. After all of his
    questions; he offered me the job on the spot! I accepted right on the spot
    too, because I know it is a good school and right for me.
        Yall were right. This is really the perfect job for me. Especially to
    start with. I think deep down I wanted upper level high school, but the
    middles are sooooo sweet and I get much more feed back from them than at the
    high school. The high schoolers never showed how much they liked me until I
    was about ready to leave. The middles wanted to hug all the time. I know;
    I don't hug them....They hugged me. I guess I am still in that stage where I
    need the feed back from the students.
        Well, I can take my little get away this weekend and dream of what it
    will be like. Next week reality may strike when I go visit the classroom,
    but for now I want to bask in the glow of employment~~~~~~Thanks to ALL OF
    YOU who were so helpful to me during this time and yes..I did mention to my
    new boss that I have this big list of mentors to call on. The Arts Ed
    Family. By the way, my mother is on the road to recovery :)


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