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RE: job offer

From: Lawrence A. Parker (occti)
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 10:34:47 PDT

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      QUESTION FOR YOU ALL: What would you do??

      Ah, ethics....! What *I* would do, which may have nothing to do with what
    your daughter can/would/should do, would be to call the first principal
    directly, person to person. Thank him for his message, and express the same
    eagerness toward meeting. Explain the situation, pretty much as you
    explained it to us, stressing her desire to teach at the lower grade level
    and in her geographic area (if that is relevant). Have her explain when the
    other interview is, that she will mention to that school that she has a
    pending offer and will ask for as quick of a determination as possible from
    them , and that she will contact him as soon as she has heard anything at

      If he is a professional and wants her, I would think that he would respect
    this and have no problem waiting a week or two. If, however, he finds
    someone else in the meantime (and she can express this consideration to him)
    and feels it necessary to offer the position to that person, then she will

      After being to understanding and considerate herself, he might be hard
    pressed to be hard-nosed about it.

      Just my thoughts *if I were in that position*.

      Lar P.


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