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Lesson Plans

Re: The Woody Diet

From: KLMVisArt
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 05:42:55 PDT

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       I did a version of the low-carb/atkins thing. It was passed down to me
    from 3 people who had great success with it. You follow the plan for 7 days
    and then take 2 days off. Warning- this is pretty monotonous, but there are
    ways to get through it.

    8oz grapefruit juice
    1 coffee or tea (no sugar but you may add skim milk)
    eggs and bacon ( the same amount of both, ex. 1 egg and 1 strip of bacon, 2
    and 2, my husband often ate 3 eggs and 3 strips and still lost quite a bit...)

    8oz grapefruit juice
    as much as you want of the following-
    Salad (any dressing- even bluecheese, mayonaise for tuna or chix below/I
    tried to make lots of fresh vinagrettes)
    Any meat (tuna, chicken, luncheon, leftover, just no breadcrumbs please!)

    8oz grapefruit juice
    Vegetables(I tried to treat us to lots of fresh goodies, lots of asparagus
    and broccolli- you can add butter if you like.)

    Optional snack: 8oz of tomato juice or skim milk

    This worked well for me. I started on Dec. 5 and by Christmas I had lost 18
    lbs. My husband lost 15. It really helped to have him do it with me. I
    foun this easy as a mother because I only had to throw a couple of potatoes
    the oven or some rice on the stove and my children could eat the same dinner.
    I realized how lulled by carbs I was. I would have so much energy I get out
    of bed at night and clean, check email, youget the idea. I was no longer
    sleepy after putting the girls to bed! I stopped following the diet after
    Christmas but continued to limit my carb intake. I have not lost alot more-
    5 lbs. since then- but I also never gained it back, enen after splurging.
    I'm actually thinking of doing it for two more weeks this summer.
    Sorry I can't give you all the information about why and how it works. I
    followed it exactly though and I'm sure that was key to my results. I'd love
    to lose another twenty and get back into those premotherhood/summer dresses!
    Thanks for making me think about it this morning. Think I'll head out now to
    purchase some things at the grocery store...


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