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our listserv's purpose......

From: Bunki Kramer (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 18:45:21 PDT

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    >From: "croberts" <croberts>
    > With all fairness to everyone...we DO need to "stay on track" with the list
    > and I know we do have a DELETE key...but please do remember the purpose of
    > this list serve. We had a recent scare about "losing this list" and some of
    > the messages that have been appearing lately would certainly give them
    > (meaning the Getty board members) reason to "rethink whether the list is
    > serving it's purpose"....

    I'm going to agree with Carolyn here about the use of our listserv. Being
    members (almost from the inception) since 1996, we've seen flamers come and
    go, rude and angry people flailing their burning words and leaving, inane
    chatter from people who let their fingers fly over the keyboard without
    THINKING who get chastised and finally leave, and various other follies.
    There has been no moderator as such, which is a mixed blessing sometimes,
    but the members have certainly corraled their own at various stages to
    understand the purpose of this listserv time and time again.

    As a member of a small group of people who challenged, prodded, and worked
    behind the scenes with Getty to keep our listserv operative when many, many
    others just sat at their computers and wrung their hands over the
    possibility of losing this listserv, may I STRONGLY suggest we keep a lid on
    the "me, too's", the "diets", the personal "thank-you's, and all the other
    unnecessary lip-flapping that should be communicated with PERSONAL emails.
    We shouldn't ALL have to read these personal messages which we don't know
    are personal UNTIL we read the delete key is a non-option here.

    This listserv cost Getty LOTS (and LOTS!) of $$$ to keep operational for our
    group. It is NOT a personal communication tool. It IS a professional mainly by us as professional members. Please THINK when you push
    that "send" button if you are making a contribution to us all. It's hard to
    imagine but there ARE over 1000 people reading your every word from all over
    the world. It is not a tight little group of just 25-50 people. Do you
    really think over 1000 people want to know how much you weighed last
    September on an art education listserv?'s called ArtsEDNet.

    Yes, this listserv DOES belong to all of us and we all have "rights" to DOES have a strong POSSIBILITY of going away if we don't use
    it wisely. Please remember that when you "speak".

    For the benefit of those who didn't get the point from the second to the
    last sentence...."it DOES have a strong POSSIBILITY of going away if we
    don't use it wisely." Toodles......


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