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Htting the Delete button instead????

From: croberts (croberts)
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 14:01:59 PDT

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    With all fairness to everyone...we DO need to "stay on track" with the list
    and I know we do have a DELETE key...but please do remember the purpose of
    this list serve. We had a recent scare about "losing this list" and some of
    the messages that have been appearing lately would certainly give them
    (meaning the Getty board members) reason to "rethink whether the list is
    serving it's purpose".

    The diet IS being "run into the ground". If you don't have anything else to
    say or than to talk about dieting, talk about YOUR philosophy of art. Get a
    thread started about something that applies to "ART"...

    >... is right about what our list is for, but can anyone resist the
    subject of weight loss now and then?

    But why keep on....

    And there's nothing wrong with asking "people to pray for someone or to
    remember them in their prayers"...but don't Reply and tell ME and "the rest
    of the world "you're going to do...write that person privately. If you
    don't know how to do this...when you hit the "reply to" button and the
    message comes up...change the address from ArtsEdNet List to that person's
    personal email.

    Don't write me back and tell me to how hit the DELETE button. I know it's
    there and I know how to use it and I spend MORE time hitting that button
    sometimes rather than reading.

    And I certainly think there is nothing wrong with bringing up something that
    doesn't apply to "art education"....but think how many times people will hit
    the "reply button" and write..."me too"...when no one even knows what the
    message applies to...

    When someone suggests that we "get back on track"...that's no reason for
    someone to write in and tell them "online on the list" to hit the delete.
    That also should be done privately and directly to the person!

    Remember...this is just MY opinion....

    Carolyn Roberts
    Kinston High School
    Kinston NC 28501
    croberts (Computer Art
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    From: Mbhirst <Mbhirst>
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    Date: Wednesday, July 05, 2000 3:04 PM
    Subject: Re: The Woody Diet

    >ok...............not to be rude or censoring--but I think of this list as a
    >professional list- serve NOT a CHAT room . All this discussion of fat and
    >diets and prayers,etc. seems to be inappropriate to this site. Perhaps
    >of you who are interested in this kind of discussion could e-mail each
    >or open buddy chats or something else.I enjoy and learn much from this
    >and from all of you. Please don't missunderstand me- but this kind of
    >discussion doesn't belong here.
    >Marcia in IL


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