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Re: ain't it what it"s all about

From: L. P. Skeen (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 10:33:01 PDT

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    From: <Rdunkelart>
    > WE had beavers in our lake and they were wonderful to watch - but builders
    set traps and all the beavers are gone.

    My mother was here yesterday (she is 57 this year I think) and I was telling
    her about the beavers down the road. She asked me where the beavers came
    from. I said "The water?" like, duh, where do beavers come from?<G> Then
    she told me about when she was a little girl (thus the significance of me
    telling you her age ;) ) there were NO beavers in NC. They just did not
    live here for some reason. A farmer down the road from her had crops
    growing in a field beside a creek. One day, he noticed that his fields were
    flooding. When he went to check out the problem, he found that beavers had
    dammed the creek. The water was flooding his corn and some othe rcrops too,
    which he raised to make a living.

    The farmer called the state to come get the beavers. They told him that a
    mating pair of beavers had been put in the creek as an experiment to see if
    they could live in NC, and that the farmer could not harm them, trap them,
    or otherwise bother them at all. Too-bad-so-sad about your crops, but this
    is an Official Experiment.

    Well, the beaver house and dam mysteriously fell down one night, but the
    beavers re-dammed and rebuilt their house THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!
    The Wildlife people told the farmer that if anything ever happened to the
    dam again he'd be prosecuted. I forget what she said happened after that,
    but now beavers are everywhere in NC.



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