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Re: ain't it what/beavers/raccoons

From: maryannkohl (maryann)
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 12:12:03 PDT

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     We're not allowed to tamper with the wild life in any way, or we are
    fined seriously!! We too had beavers for quite a while. I would wake up
    and yawn and stretch and gaze out at the lake and...BLAM!!!...I would
    notice that we didn't have that maple tree any more. Next day, no willow!
    It was actually kind of funny. Fish and Wildlife said we couldn't touch
    them. But they suggested the loud radio played on the dock all night,
    plus a bright light left on all night. After several days of this, they
    stayed away. Where did they go? Don't know!! The Fish and Wildlife guys
    said they could trap them and move them to a different part of the lake,
    but they would only return the next day (twelve miles!!). This radio and
    light things seems a great idea. Works for Canadian geese, mink, and so
    on. Try it if you're having trouble. I am sure it would even work for
    cats in your garden!

    ADVICE: Raccoons are vicious attackers on household pets. They can shred
    a cat or dog! Don't feed raccoons because they are cute...they get very
    demanding and will cause you no end of grief.

    >WE had beavers in our lake and they were wonderful to watch - but builders
    >set traps and all the beavers are gone. Couldn't sell homes if the trees
    >half eaten I guess! Raccoons are still around as one of our cats came
    >home with claw marks down her side - vet said it was a raccoon and she was
    lucky to be alive!




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