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Re: Successful Weight Loss

Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 05:42:19 PDT

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    << When you find a sucessful diet please share. I have worked so hard in my
     yard this summer and at my husbands mothers. Have I lost - no - I';ve
     another 5 ugly lbs. Not fair, not fair, not fair. Anyone out there have a
     sucessful diet where one doesn't have to starve to death. $8>(( >>

    I recommend consistant EXCERSIZE. Join a gym, put time and energy into
    going. You need to do this 3 times a week, at least. Many people like
    excersize classes, or just walking outside. Buy free weights and use them in
    your home. I prefer a combination of excersize machines and free weights and
    then 30-45 minutes of cardio-vascular on the tredmill and/or preco at the
    gym. I can tell you from experience that you will see faster and better
    results and be able to eat more if you do this. Also, drink lots of WATER. I
    try to drink 6-8 glasses a day. I walk around with a water bottle all day
    long. And, of course, the obvious- watch what you eat. Just cut out the
    unneeded calories let cake and cookies. Coming from a chocolateholic that's
    the best advice. I try to stay with salads and chicken/fish. I dropped 3
    sizes this way and it has stayed off for the last 5 yrs. The older you are,
    the more difficult it is to loose the weight, but it can be done! Anyone can
    do this! Become obessed with the excersize. I convinced myself that I like
    it. By the way, I'm the perfect "klutz", am totally uncoordinated(trip over
    my own feet). I'm also 50 yrs. old, a petite 5' 1" and started excersizing
    at 45. Ten extra pounds on me is like 20 or 30 on a bigger person. I am
    actually "cut" as they say in gym terms! I went from a size 9 to a size 2.
    Use the summertime to make excersizing an works! In the
    winter you can find me at the gym after work and that means even on the
    nights that I don't leave school until 6, 7, or 8:00 at night! Tired?
    Exhausted, but more tired if I don't excersize. So, good luck! You can do
    this, too!
    Bye, I'm on my way to the gym- really. Have a ton of things to do as we are
    going on a 3 week vacation on Fri. but an hour at Gold's Gym will just have
    to be fit in. Susan on Long Island


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