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Lesson Plans

Re: ain't it what it's all about

From: Judie (judiej50)
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 03:17:46 PDT

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    Gabrielle, a water garden sounds wonderful. I've wanted to turn our old
    pool into a water garden, but hubby thinks it would be a disaster!!! I've
    spent a lot of time developing several little garden spots in my back yard
    this summer--lots of hydrangea, hosta and ferns since I have a lot of
    shade. With the draught in Georgia, it is a challenge to keep them
    healthy. Feel guilty--we're on a strict water usage ban--and wonder what
    this means for the future if we continue to have these hot dry summers!!

    Your fashion outfit made of garbage bags sounds wonderful. I've been
    wanting to try this with one of my groups forever. Do you have any
    suggestions or remember any thing about how you went about the lessons?

    Hope you continue to have a wonderful summer! Thanks.

    Judie J in Atlanta

    >Wish I lived where you are! We do have tons of birds though. I spent my day
    >working in the gardens and buying pond supplies! Trying to build our own
    >little shangra la in mild manner suberbia. Oh yes, we do have a cougar on
    >the loose!
    >I bought the july issue of the smithsonian magazine for the "Mad Hatter"
    >article...WOW is all I can say. I'm working on turning it into a design
    >problem for my new advanced studio art class. I love design problems. Never
    >did the papaer bag hat thing, although, in college I had to design a complete
    >outfit out of "hefty lawn & leaf trash bags" It did have a hat and handbag,
    >shoes, dress, jewelry. Any additions had to be recylced materials.


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