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Re: Screamers--time frame & other scheduling questions

From: Bunki Kramer (
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 10:24:25 PDT

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    From: sharonbk
    From what I've read on this list, it seems that Screamers take several
    weeks--and up to a semester--to make. As I'm trying to block out my
    projects for this coming school year (with HS students), I'm wondering if
    this could be done in a trimester? (Right off hand, I'm not sure how many
    weeks each trimester will be--we're switching to that this year...)

    I teach 7-8th grade screamers. I've been doing it about 5-6 years so I"ve
    pretty much got the kinks out. If you're doing the FULL-SIZED (about 3-4')
    monsters, you'll probably need a FULL trimester and you'll be piling it in
    really fast and furious. It takes, with my aged kids, a FULL semester and
    I'm usually nagging about 10 students to hurry up. I've somewhat solved the
    problem by talking to parents and having them take the sections home to work
    on over the weekend. Somehow it all magically comes together with these
    slower kids. Our class time is 43 mins./5 days a week.

    It's VERY important to creatively plan beforehand how you're going to store
    the monsters while working on them. They take tons of room. Even putting
    them up high on top of cabinets is not a good plan because they are
    continuously gooey and wet.

    Have a non-ending, great source of newspapers. Several teachers at my school
    use them for teaching stock-marketing, etc. so that saves me.

    Tip...make sure they're spray painting the second to the last week. If not,
    they'll not get finished as detailing takes alot of time...not time enough
    to take pictures, do the follow-up assessing, and written work if you plan
    to do that like my kids do.....see website.

    You do need drying time. That's when I use monster-making videos. My
    favorite is JURASSIC PARK. There's a book you can buy at Barnes&N called THE
    MAKING OF JURASSIC PARK. It breaks down how they make the creatures and
    scenes so when you show the movie, you can stop action and explain how it
    was done. Kids are wowed and it makes you look pretty darn smart! Toodles...


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