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Re: rude kids/labels (my soapbox!)

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markpeterson (markpeterson)
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 21:04:02 -0500

You guys hit a nerve. I have been teaching a night high school class of
about 30 students "3-D art", "Ceramics/Pottery I and II", and "Sculpture" in
a self paced environment. I have been teaching this for only about four
months and have already had a physical altercation with a student. It is
indeed a strange thing to get a summons to court for being the victim of
assault by a 17 year old kid. I have considered this a great learning
experience though and have gained the respect and support of the students in
my class and even some of the teachers I don't even know. Although there is
no text book to my knowledge that tells one how to deal with violence in the
classroom, I am sure there are a lot of teachers out there who would be
willing to share their experiences with me (us) in order to give us some
tools in our toolboxes that would help us out on these occasions.
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Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 6:17 PM
Subject: Re: rude kids/labels (my soapbox!)

>> For too many parents, school is just this foreign place where the bus
>> their kids 180 days a year.
>Hey I hear ya on this one! I had a parent who was quite upset at parent
>conferences this year that I made such a big deal of her coming to
>when her kid was doing just fine ( and he really wasn't doing that fine).
As we
>sat at the conference ( we have student led conferences, so I see all the
>of my Prime Time group( kinda like homeroom) I tried to stress the
importance of
>parent involvement in school. She felt that I inconvenienced the family by
>her come to get the report card and conference. DUH! she just didn't get
it. She
>only had to come to the school ONCE this year and made a big deal about it
>front of her kid.
>But I think we have to look at the bigger picture. While the parents are
at work
>and the kid is unsupervised what are they doing? We all know what is on
the tube
>these days. TV is filled with sarcasm and attitudes. And this is what our
>students bring to school with them everyday. Parents can be part of the
>but there is a whole lot more out there affecting our students.