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Re: Scrap organization

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Melissa Chaney (meemo)
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 22:36:50 -0600

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I always told the little guys that if the scrap is bigger than your whole hand
it goes in the scrap box. If not it's trash.

Litesal wrote:

> Dear Mary,
> Your response is exactly what I am talking about. What you do with the
> trays is similar to what I do, except with pop boxes. However, I usually
> throw away the scraps after several rounds, when what remains are little
> crumpled pieces. I then replace them with "fresh scraps" from my cutting
> board odds and ends. Those are the scraps that seem to multiply
> uncontrollably. I'd like to organize them for easy access and use.
> Thanks for the reply! Leah
> >Leah,
> >
> >I don't know if this totally relates to what you're talking about, but I
> always found that I couldn't bear to throw construction paper scraps away,
> but putting them all into a big box never seemed to work; ended up as a
> crumpled mess that got tossed eventually, anyway. What I do now is, I have
> a number of lunchroom trays that were in my art room when I started my
> present job. I set them out when I'm doing a construction paper project;
> scraps go back on the trays; one tray per color. When the project is done,
> I just stack the trays up and put them on a shelf. I have kept these trays
> going for 6 years, believe it or not, and feel like I waste very little
> construction paper this way. If I want to do a collage project, I don't
> have to start with fresh pieces of paper. I do the same thing with tissue
> paper pieces.
> >
> >Mary
> >
> >
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