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Re: rude kids/labels (my soapbox!)

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Teri Sanford (terily)
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 15:24:39 -0600

Amen, Josie! I was a kid in the seventies and I was taught to have respect for teachers,
etc. The thing that strikes me most as a teacher is that when a kid gets in trouble for
breaking a rule (doesn't matter what rule it is, just any rule), the parent quite often
reacts with "What did YOU do to MY child?" When I was in school, my parents ALWAYS asked
what did I do. I think it is a lack of taking responsibility for one's own actions. In a
way I think it all goes back to moms working outside the home. NOT TO SAY that in all
cases this is bad. I myself had a working mother and turned out okay (??) but so many kids
see their parents so little time during the day, that the parents don't want to spend that
time disciplining or correcting them. It may be because they are too tired from working,
etc or because they want to have quality time. Or that they don't see all the inappropriate
behavior at home because the kid has their undivided attention. Plus, kids nowadays have SO
MANY extracurricular activities that they have no time to spend with family, to learn which
things are important, how to behave socially, etc.
Now, before you ask, NO, I don't have my own kids yet. I am getting married soon and we
have decided that I will stay home when we start having kids, at least until they are in
school. I will probably go stir crazy (I am a very active person) but I think that having
that attention and instruction at home in the earliest years is so crucial.

I know many of you are working moms, and I say HOORAY! I find that teachers kids are always
the best because their moms/dads see what happens when you don't do it right. I sure hope I
haven't offended anyone!


I agree with Thom. I am an artist and creative and these so called test
you can give yourself from books, shows that I am balanced. Also, I
have two sons who are very creative and very well disciplined. They
are grown men now and have always been well behaved and still bright and
functional. Maybe some of these so called hyper kids need to learn to
behave. Why is there such a huge epidemic of this? Is this
permissiveness or alcohol syndrome or lack of parental self discipline
to deal with children in a timely manner or is it a genuine neurological
problem. There needs to be more discernment in dealing with "people",
big and little and quit labeling them and start treating them
individually but also children need to learn from the cradle to be
patient and considerate also. I'm frankly tired of rude, obnoxious, "I
don't have to do anything I don't want to" students!!!!!