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Re: Woman with two brains? Doodling/tapping

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Wed, 27 Jan 1999 11:59:37 EST

I took several college classes this summer which opened my eyes to different
learning styles. Many kids CAN learn while foot-tapping, doodling and walking
around. In fact it actually helps them to concentrate because all thair focus
is not on trying to be still and listen.
ADHD's especially are like this. I bought those squeeze balls that have sand
in them for these kids to be doing something (quiet) while I demonstrate. It
prevents the tapping and moving around. I often check back during the lesson
to assess if they have been listening. Almost always they have heard me.

The Meyers-Briggs Test really was an eye - opener for me because it can tell
us how we process information and relate to our outside world. If I remember
correctly, there are sixteen varied combinations of personality. In my class,
we learned how we can fit teams together to get maximum results and how
administration can understand how to relate to various personalities. For
instance, the "Thinker" type doesn't give complements too readily nor do they
need them. Yet, the "Intuitive" needs feedback. The people who have their
attention in all places at once may be what the test calls Perceivers. They
can handle lots of stimuli coming in at one time and not get rattled. They
may seem messy and dis0rganized to others but the do have a handle on things.
My husband's desk is like that and it drives me nuts to find something on it!!

Ask you school counselor if they have the short version of the test and take
it. It is FUN!