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Re: Whole Letter Writing (Right Brain)=2 lessons

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Numo Jaeger & Michael Miller (jaegmil)
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 06:53:54 +0000

Hey! I doodled all thru school and I doodle when I am at meetings too! I
have told people for years that it helps me listen better. It really does
help me listen. It helps me recall information later. Gosh, It's so nice to
hear someone else does this too.

I have gotten the same disapproving looks... Ask me what is going on while
I am doodling I'll be able to respond...if I am not doodling I might fall
asleep. Which is better the doodling or snoring?

I think people find it threatening when you draw sometimes. Perhaps it is
because it is a language they don't understand.

Numo Jaeger
Studio One Art Center
Oakland CA

At 11:08 PM 1/26/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Reatha wrote (in part):
>>I used to get into so much trouble for drawing while listening.
>Oh gosh, me too! In fact, my principal still looks at me disapprovingly
>during meetings, while I doodle away. The other teachers don't believe it
>helps me listen, either. If I don't doodle, I daydream, or worse yet, talk
>(which got me in even bigger trouble as a child). When I look back at my
>notes from college, I can actually remember (hear, see, and picture) parts
>of the lecture by looking at the doodles that correspond with the notes.
>Cool! Oh, and I wiggle my feet. I didn't get in trouble in k-12 school for
>it, but I had one grad. school professor stop his lecture and scold me
>because he found it distracting.
>When I see a student who consistently keeps his hands busy while he/she is
>supposed to be listening, I question him/her about the current discussion,
>if he/she consistently knows what is going on...I leave the student alone
>with the busy hands.