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Intuitive Reading (Right Brain)

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Larry Cox (L_J_Cox)
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 16:05:46 -0700


(The author had worked with many special children, but the highlight of her
teaching experiences came when she worked with a fourth-grade boy who could
not read. It wad obvious that Michael was intelligent. He just couldn't

Although she felt no real hope of helping Michael, two hours later he was
reading on a third-grade level with complete comprehension. They were both
surprised. She was even more surprised when he went on to finish the
fourth-grade book within a few weeks time.

Michael did not learn to read in two hours time. It is her belief that he
had been taking information having to do with reading and vocabulary and
storing it in the right hemisphere. Yet he had been trying to read and
decode out of the left hemisphere. When she showed him how to center his
thoughts in the right hemisphere and pull the words out intuitively instead
of trying to decode them, he wad able to retrieve the information that had
been stored all of those years.

Hoping this was not a once-in-a-=lifetime experience, she set out to try the
method on other children. To he surprise, it worked. Many children were
able to jump to their appropriate grade level and maintain the skills.

1. Ask the child to read for you so that you get an idea of his normal
performance. Be sure to use reading material he has been taught.

2. Say to the child, "See your favorite color in your head. Put your
finger on your head so I know where you are seeing it." (This lets you know
they are really seeing it and reinforces the color for them.)

3. Say to the child, "Keep the color in your head. When you open your
eyes, I want you to read but don't think about the words, think about the
color in your head. If you don't know a word, let your color tell you what
it is." Have the child open his eyes and read.

4. The reading should be fluent.

a) If the child begins to sound a word or stops at a word, have him close
his eyes, visualize the color and look for the word in the color.

b) If the fluency diminishes and the child begins to read word by word,
stop him and start with the color again.

c) You will need to repeat the procedures many times until the child
automatically closes his eyes and retrieves the word or words by using the

Although the method does not work for all children who are poor readers, it
works for some. It seems to work best on children who are in the third
grade or above.