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DBAE and the elements of design

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Buerkle, Jennifer (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:21:50 -0400

Dear Marc...and anybody else, for that matter!

I am almost embarassed to admit that I have avoided, resisted and
repudiated DBAE for the last, maybe 15-20 years. See, I was
educated in that rather bizarre "open classroom" era of the '70's
where one was supposed to throw the supplies on the table and let
the kids have at it. "Structure" was a very dirty word. Of
course, it took me about six weeks to figure out it was not going
to work for me, so I fell back on the ELEMENTS OF DESIGN. I had
them memorized, backwards and forwards for God's sake!! I made
crossword puzzles, word find, bulletin boards. Don't tell me
they aren't relevant! LOL

Then 11 years ago I extended my FL certificate by adding a gifted
endorsement, and I changed jobs, teaching gifted resource,
interdisciplinary. I heard the art teachers talk about this
"discipline" thing and I thought it was for classroom control!
When I figured out what it is, I backed off because I thought it
was just "art history" instead of making stuff and it was thought
up by school districts to save money on supplies! Anyway, I
didn't need to worry because I wasn't teaching art. Then 7 years
ago our gifted program opened a new center and I began teaching
art again...but according to gifted precepts. So still I didn't
worry about DBAE. And then...and then...I became a candidate for
National Certification this year and I knew the jig was up. I
had to walk the walk and talk the talk of DBAE or forget getting
through the process. So I did some research on line and have
been hugely embarassed to find that it isn't at all what I
thought it was. YOu DO make isn't all art history,
it's not a communist plot. In fact, it makes a lot of sense and
it a great framework. In the past few weeks I've done better
teaching than in the past 10 years. BUT...I still say there is
room for discussing the elements of design within this DBAE

The best description of exactly what DBAE is, I have found right
on the Getty website.

Jen--a recent convert.

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