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Re: Prehistoric Art and Sister Wendy

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Sun, 24 Jan 1999 21:18:38 EST

DBAE? What's that?
DBAE is Discipline-based Art Education. It is in fact, the Getty foundation's
raison d'etre. It is a philosophy of art education which proceeds from the
fundamental assumption that art is a visual lanugage, that art is a form of
visual communication.
> how various elements of art work: line, shape , color, space, > composition,

These are some of the elements of the art of the past. But for the art
being made today, or tomorrow, they are often irrelevant.
I am curious. When did artists stop using line, color, space, texture, etc .
. . in the production of art? When did these considerations become
irrelevant? Even in the most outlandish contemporary artists, like Christo, I
see these things at work. What exactly is different about the way human
beings see perceive their world today versus in the "past". What is different
about the way the human eye works and the way the brain processes visual

Certainly the uses of art and tastes in art have varied through the course of
human history, but the fundamental elements of design have, at least as far as
I can tell, remained fairly constant.
Art as visual
language? I don't think so!
If we don't teach kids that art is one way human beings communicate, then what
exactly do we teach them?
Language as visual art? Hmm, I've seen
This comment totally mystifies me.

Am I way out on this, folks? Help me out here.