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Re: Whole Letter Writing (Right Brain) + ADHD

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Sun, 24 Jan 1999 20:42:48 EST

In a message dated 99-01-24 16:52:09 EST, L_J_Cox writes:

<< Many right-brained children have poor handwriting skills. These children
have difficulty dealing with .............

Right-hemispheric children seem to be movers. They sit halfway out of their
seats: they sit with one foot tucked under their behinds. They have to go
to the bathroom more often than anyone else in the class. And they sharpen
their pencils until they are nothing but stubs. They learn while they are
moving and many of them MUST be standing up or moving in order to learn.>>


I really enjoyed your comments about " right - brained " children . It
confirms to me my theory that many labeled " ADHD " children, are simply
misunderstood "right brainers " . Your description of a " right-brain "
child is a textbook example of a 'ADHD' child !

I hope I'm not boring the cyber audience out there with my ADHD comments, but
it's helping me out in my struggle in understanding / helping my son with his
difficulties in the traditional system. And also, I want to share, so
others out there might be a bit more understanding / compassionate of these
ADHD / ADD LABELED children, who are just different, and don't truely have a
disorder, as the label leads us to beleive.