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Re: Prehistoric Art

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Buerkle, Jennifer (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 14:26:50 -0500

Hi.....well, you asked Carla, but I'm going to answer, too!

I showed Sister Wendy to grades 3-8. I don't mind that she is self-taught,
as virtually all her information is opinion rather than fact (about the
artists, that is...she is factual regarding history). I have a fairly
extensive art history background (up until 1972, that is!) and I never
heard anything I'd quarrel with, except, perhaps her portrayal of Degas as
a misogynist. That was a new one on me.

The kids at first were very put off by her obvious orthodontic problems. I
also found I had to completely explain just what a nun was, and there were
those who just wouldn't buy my explanation! Even the kids from the
Catholic school (I teach at a pull-out magnet program) have only one nun at
their school, the headmistress, and she doesn't wear a habit. But after a
few giggles, they actually listened and learned. The middle schoolers
especially enjoyed her little off-color remarks (if you can call them
that!) and her tendancy to see everything as breasts. One boy brought in a
parody of her from SNL, but I wasn't comfortable showing it. I, however,
had a great laugh over "fluffy little pubic hair."

But the real teller was that this year, they asked if I were going to show
it again, and when I said no, they were disappointed. A number have told
me they make a habit of watching it on tv when it's on.

About nuns....actually, I never ran up against a truly evil one. (And
while I didn't attend Catholic elementary school, I know the class sizes
were just you say, in the 50's and 60's. How did they ever
learn anything??) Although in boarding school there was one who saw angels
and was prone to raptures. But on the whole they were good women, and very
passionate about whatever they were teaching.

I'd imagine we have some sisters on this forum, as well.