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Re: fair grading

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Buerkle, Jennifer (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 07:50:23 -0500

I use a self evaluation combined with teacher evaluation instrument. It is
a legal-sized piece of paper. The kids write their own name, grade, etc.
on the top. Then there are about 15 groups of three statements. (I change
the groups, using a bank we developed, with each "course." It's all on

An example:

___is exceptionally positive and cooperative with classmates and teacher.
___is generally positive and cooperative with classmates and teacher.
___has difficulty being positive and cooperative with classmates and


___shows exceptional attention to care and detail.
___shows acceptable attention to care and detail
___has difficulty with care and detail.

The kids put an X in front of the statement they feel applies to them. I
go over it later with a highlighter and highlight the statement I feel
applies to them. (we're usually not very far apart) Then I put the pile in
the Xerox machine and copy the lot. I save the copies and send home the
original. There is room after each grouping for a comment, if necessary.
If anyone wants me to e-mail this semester's eval, I'll be happy to. Just
e-mail me privately. It's in Ready, Set, Go, an ancient layout program,
but I'll just import it and tag it along in the body of the e-mail.