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Building committee/new art room

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Sat, 23 Jan 1999 08:13:48 EST

For those of you on carts and stuck in other recesses you may not want to read
this. Please note...I have been in all of the other situations except for the
cart. Have always been lucky to have a room of my own no matter what it was

The last three years I taught at a brand new elementary school...huge art
room, gallery, in the front of the school(not tucked away in a back corner),
and a principal who strssed art display in the gallery. It was wonderful but
basically all I had was a huge room esp. when I compared it to an elementary
art room in OH.

I had sinks(one heavy duty), kiln room, storage room, plenty of cabinets, nice
shelving and enough table space for up to 50+ students (I max. at 45 1st
graders one year). Slowly but surely I was adding equipment to the room when
bond money was available.

The room in OH had a fully equiped darkroom(stainless steel sink etc.), a
storage room, kiln room, clay storage cabinets, area for clay wheels, heavy
duty work table...discussion area (carpeted) plenty of table area, cabinets of
all shapes and sizes, sinks and a round sink for hands etc. Probably more that
I can't remember.

The difference is obvious: one room was wonderful physical space, etc. and the
other was an art room.

Your imput is critical. If you can get on the so. If not try,
to present a report on the complete needs of an art room. Go for the maximum
but be sure to prioritize or the unimformed may leave out something critical
for an artroom.