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Re: no room of my own

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Melissa Chaney (meemo)
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 23:23:00 -0600

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> My district has approved a new 6th grade building, which they said
> would be done in two years . At first it did not have a music room or
> art room, until the special areas complained to the committe working on
> the plans. Can you believe that???? Well, it now has plans for an art
> room and music room. The catch is, it will have 12, 6th grade classes
> only. Art room, or no art room who wants to teach a whole building with
> just 6th graders. I hope they divide up the classes between the two
> other art teachers. With the two 6th grade classes from each building
> gone, we will have two open classes in each building. I hope one of the
> rooms will be for a music and art room, but this is two years away yet!!
> I will voice my opinion on having one room for an art room.

I taught for 7 years K-12 in one art room in a rural Missouri school. It wore me
out. All the lesson plans and different age levels.. Well now I teach in what is
called the 6th Grade Center in another district and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I don't
think I will ever leave. The school works on a middle school concept. They have
block scheduling and seminar at the end of every day. So I teach 90 min of 6th
grade art. 90 min. of 6th grade art, then 90 min. off. Then 90 min of 6th grade
art and 25 min of seminar. I can do so much more with 90 minutes than I ever
could with 50. We have sketchbook time every day, lots of studio time, critiques
and discussions. Students take one quarter of art and one each of Health, Intro
to Technology and Bridges (career type class). I have my own art room with tons
of storage, 4 sinks, 2 drying areas and a ceramics storage room with kiln. It was
an old high school building rebuilt. Consider teaching at the 6th grade
building. It is definately not borring doing the same things over and over. I
just don't repeat much. I teach the same concepts but with different projects
sometimes. I LOVE IT!! Consider it.

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