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thoughts on Kinko copying....

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Bunki Kramer (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 19:51:15 -0800 (PST)

>My understanding is that a teacher is allowed to make a "classroom set" to
>be used one time. A lot of things are allowed to be copied for research and
>education purposes as long as one is not charging for them or using them in
>lieu of purchasing a book, for example. What I am wondering is do your
>schools not have copying machines? We have this copyright information posted
>and have been told/warned about it, but we copy our classroom materials at
>school. Linda in NC
So does someone have the copy right laws of Kinko's? I would love to color
copy things if that is possible. At our school we only have black and white
copies. Gail

The Kinko's in Maryland has Self-Service color copiers, (no questions asked,
of course). You can color copy and enlarge ---up to legal-size paper. Dayna

Kinko's does not have laws on copyright. They are simply trying to obey the
law established by the government. There is a number which you can call for
explicit information. Your school district should have detailed information.
In fact they should have made the details available to you. We were provided
with copies several years ago. I was amused to note that they were Xeroxed
copies. :-)) At any rate more than one school has been "busted" for illegal
copying. However, there are very liberal guidelines within which you can
operate in your classroom. Reatha
I know some of you might not find this thread interesting but I do. It
seems there are so many diff. experiences with this.

On using the copy machine at my school. We can't do color. Period. That's
why I use Kinko.

On using the self-help color copier at Kinko. It's generally not the same
quality as the bigger one behind the clerk desk. I've done both and there's
quite a bit of difference in both color and clarity. Also, the bigger one
does 11x17" and only the clerks are allowed to run it.

On being illegal. Kinko allows you to do this providing you sign a form
stating you are a teacher (need to show ID) and you will use it only in
your classroom. In the past year, though, I haven't even had to do this.
There still is a limit of how many you can do, though. Surely if they do it
here in California, they can do it anywhere else. If it were illegal, I
KNOW "they" wouldn't do it for me no matter how much I squawked. These
people are R-E-A-L careful. I do a few color copies of students' works for
examples to save in my files too. This way the child can take it home and I
can have a color copy of it for the next year as a sample. Anyway....this
is ONE MORE REASON you all should move to sunny Californ-i-a! (smile)

Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526

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