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Re: no room of my own

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Buerkle, Jennifer (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 18:07:00 -0500

I've taught both from a cart, and with a room of my own, and I might have a
different slant on it. I find that a room can virtually rule your
life...keeping it clean, organized, etc. The cart makes you pare down to
the basics REAL FAST! The most unfortunate thing is it does drive your
curriculum. Nobody wants to get out the tempera paint in Mrs.
MeanTeacher's second grade immaculate classroom! But if you plan, include
a lot of dbae, (although I'm a very latecomer where that is concerned) dry
stuff, it's workable. I've also found that those clear plastic bins are
invaluable. They have to be the clear ones, tho. They come in all sizes.
Small ones are great for things like scissors, colored pencils, etc. while
the big ones can keep all the assorted junk you need for a specific
project. The key is having the storage space at school somewhere to be
able to stow the bins. But even if you had to take them home with you it's
a great system. Another positive about the cart was that the teacher often
stayed in the room and got a real sense of what you were doing. I think it
definitely helped me with professional relationships. And, a lot depend ON
the cart and whether there are stairs, etc. Here in Florida, most of our
schools are single story and each classroom opens onto an outside
breezeway, and that simplifies it as well. One year, however, I taught on
the stage in the cafeteria. Now THAT was the pits. I'll take a cart over
that any day!