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Lesson Plans

Re: book covers for Egypt

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George Martin Rex (grex)
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 14:04:45 -0600

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On 21-Jan-99, Stephanie Ignazio wrote:
>Why not try something in the shape of a cartouche? Even if it is bigger and
>different shaped than the book pages inside it might be interesting. Or
>maybe something in the shape of the Egyptian eye or scarab? Or maybe the
>outline of the Egyptian sphinx. It would just take one drawing to create the
>stencil for the shape and back page. Good luck

-- This may duplicate what I have already sent.

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From: George Martin Rex <grex>
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Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 13:56:28 -0600
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Subject: Art Education Student Links
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-- I have found a lot of information about the concerns of active art teachers
and , prospective student teachers since I found this chat source. Some of it
I have passed on to my art education students at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. In
a couple of weeks I will take them to "Mac" lab and have them research some
material for the lesson plans they will each teach to the other class members.
They will write a lesson plan, prepare demonstration materials (models,
visuals, etc), and teach. As this semester is Art Activities II, directed at
the concerns of secondary students, their lesson will directed to the class as
if they are Art I.

I will give them a list of addresses which I have gleaned from your
messages to this discussion. I hope many of you will be willing to interact
with them, share more your ideas about the why to, how to, when to, of lesson
content etc.

They will each have university provided email account by the time we have
our first lab. If I have those before then it may be a big help if I send the
list to you so that some of you could have sent them something so that mail
would be waiting for them. Some are student teaching this semester and the
rest will be next Fall.

Your thoughts on this wlll be welcome.

George Martin Rex
Texas A&M-CC

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